20 trucos para viajar que cambiarán tu vida
mayo 20, 2017
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20 travel tips that will change your life

Oh my, we like travelling a lot! But, do you know how to make the most of your trips? Today we’re going to give you some very useful travel tips. You won’t know how it is that you’ve gone this long without knowing them!

Tips to save money when travelling

  1. Use the incognito mode when you’re browsing and preparing your trip online, for example when looking for a flight. Many website (if not all of them) keep your cookie (your user ID), track your visits and rise prices so that you think it’s now time to book your flight or otherwise it will be more expensive. To open an incognito window, just keep this shortcode in mind:  CTRL+SHIFT+N.
  2. Buy your tickets online. Not only because you will save time and skip the queues, but because almost every museum and points of interest offer a discount when buying online. Online tickets are cheaper! Now you know, try not to buy your tickets at the gate.
  3. Book your flights on Tuesday afternoon. Historically, this is the best time to buy plane tickets because it’s when they are cheaper. On the other hand, you must avoid Saturdays and Sundays because flights are more expensive then.
  4. Be flexible. On websites like Skyscanner, you can check if there are different prices for the same flight depending on the departure date. I get that you want to stay for 6 days, but you most likely won’t mind if you leave on Tuesday or Thursday, right? This way you can save a lot of money on your flights.

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Packing tips that will save the day

  1. Keep the chargers in an eyeglass case. This way, you’ll prevent them from being broken, lost or mixed with the rest of your luggage.
  2. If you bring liquids in your handbag, keep them at the top and in a single toiletry bag, so it will be easier and quicker to take them off in the security control.
  3. Make a list with everything you need to pack, so that you don’t forget a thing. You can also check our list to make sure you bring everything.
  4. So that the soles of the shoes don’t stain anything, store them in a bag or in a shower cap.

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Tips to go by the airport like a pro

  1. If you need to go to the bathroom, save the long queues by getting away from the entrance. The first bathroom is the most crowded one, just like the ones next to bars/cafeterias. Go a little further and you’ll see empty toilets.
  2. Save your documents and boarding passes on your mobile phone. You can scan them, download them or even install the apps of the main airlines.
  3. When you’re going through the security control, you’ll go faster if you do this straight ahead:
    1. Empty your pockets, coins, wallet, mobile, etc., and put them in a tray.
    2. Take the liquids out and also put them in the tray.
    3. Shoes and belts often beep, so take them out too.
    4. They lately ask you to keep the electronics outside your hand luggage, so mobile, tablet, laptop or whatever, out and in a tray.
    5. Keep calm and relax, there’s nothing to be nervous about. Just do what you’re told, specially if you’re at an unknown airport.
  4. Do you get bored when waiting for your luggage? Put a “fragile” sticker on it, even if it’s not. They will treat it a bit more carefully (just a bit, don’t flatter yourself) and will also put it at the beggining of the carts and will be one of the firsts to come out.

Tips to have a nice trip

  1. If you often get dizzy on the plane, choose a seat by the window and near the wing. In these areas, the wings give structural support and make the turbulence less noticeable.
  2. If flying gives you a headache or you feel pressure for sinusitis or a cold, here are some things you can do to relieve the pain:
    1. Chew some gume before you enter the plane, this helps release pressure from the head.
    2. Drink plenty of water to keep your sinus moist.
    3. Bring the drugs that go best for you, ibuprofen / acetaminophen for headache, and something like budesonide for pressure.
  3. Wear comfortable clothes. This is so basic, but I’m saying it just in case. You’re not at a catwalk, you’re going to spend some time seated, so you need to go in clothes you’re comfortable with. If you go by plane (and especially if you’re a whopping woman like me), take something to cover yourself because the heights low the temperature a little.
  4. Do you get dizzy on the boat? Avoid copious meals, sit in the bow to make you less dizzy, and take biodramine one hour before the trip begins. Something that also works (even if it seems weird) is to eat a green apple to bite.

Other travel tips

  1. If you have forgotten an adapter, you can charge the mobile or anything that can be charged by USB on the back of the hotel television.
  2. Do you need offline access to your maps? Type “ok maps” in Google maps, in the area that interests you, and you will have it accessible on your offline maps.
  3. Avoid delays in flights by travelling in the morning. As at night they have already accumulated all the delays, in the morning the counter starts again and there is less probability that your flight is delayed. Of course, to get more out of the trip (especially on long trips), I recommend going as early as possible (in the morning) and returning as late as possible (at night). This way you take advantage of all day, since you’re already paying for the night at the hotel.
  4. Do you want free wifi? Go by an Apple Store or a Starbucks. They are everywhere and they have free wifi, most times even without being customer or anything. If you are going to eat at a restaurant, they are also likely to have it, you can ask for it. There are also some apps that are looking for open Wi-Fi networks that you can use wherever you are, like Wifi Map.

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Have you liked these travel tips? Do you think you’re cooler than me and you have better tips? Share them all! Use the comments and tell me 🙂

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